Episode #85 – JUST ME

I talk Beastie Boys, Laughter, Hacks, Muses, Pirate Songs, & I get a call from an old friend.

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  • KSK732 says:

    To properly explain this solocast you must take a trip down memory lane, it might be a little long but dont be lazy, take this trip with me, it will be worth it. Many Christmases ago, when I was still a child, my brother got a toy named Talkboy, which was a portable variable speed cassette player and recorder manufactured by Tiger Electronics made famous by the movie Home Alone. You could speak into and record your voice and play it back at a high speed and it would sound like The Chipmunks or play it back slower to sound like and old man, which is exactly what my brother and I did on that Christmas morning. About three months later I came across the Talkboy in my brothers room, I picked it up and pressed play, to my amusement it was my brother talking about personal stuff akin to a diary entrance but it was mostly nonsensical gibberish and weird noises which lasted almost an hour. Naturally I took it directly to my older sister and we proceeded to mock my brother incessantly for the next few years withat that tape. This podcast reminds me of that tape….so keep the solocasts coming Bert!

  • cdiddy says:

    The pirate song had me in hysterics. Well done and it did get weird.

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